March 17, 2016

Help Make Our Movement More Prominent by Taking CADCA’s Annual Survey

Can you spare half an hour for some data assessment? That’s all the time CADCA asks that you dedicate to complete our revamped 2016 Annual Survey of Coalitions.

Did you know that last year, 33 percent of program and policy changes reported by community substance abuse prevention coalitions took place within education and school settings? Or that 50 percent of coalitions were involved in preventing alcohol-impaired driving?

When was the last time you dusted off your logic model? Is it a surprise that 34 percent of coalitions said they have revised and improved their logic model in the last year?

Each year, an average of 750 community substance abuse prevention coalitions participate in CADCA’s Annual Survey of Coalitions to anonymously share details of their internal and external functioning in support of building the science of coalition effectiveness. First fielded in 2005, CADCA’s Annual Survey is the largest dataset of this kind in existence today with a total of 4,015 surveys having been completed to date.

The valuable information coalitions share has been used in a variety of ways such as pairing community coalitions with researchers to collaborate on federally funded research studies, develop and test a new model that depicts the coalition community problem solving process, and share coalition best practices and strategies with policymakers to support prevention funding.

This year we are asking coalitions to once again join us in support of advancing coalition science and complete CADCA’s newly revised (yes, it is shorter!) 2016 Annual Survey of Coalitions. If your coalition hasn’t participated, the close date is April 29th. To complete the survey, you will need to request a personalized link by emailing or calling 1-800-54-CADCA.

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