Coalition Evaluation Services

CADCA is thrilled to add coalition evaluation to our world-class coalition support services. Our goal is to provide coalitions with expert evaluation through a collaborative, community-focused approach. Through this partnership with CADCA’s Evaluation and Research experts, coalitions will gain a better understanding of the evaluation process and use community data to drive progress.

We have proven expertise in:

  • Serving as the formal coalition evaluator
  • Helping represent your coalition to stakeholders and partners
  • Analyzing data and serving as your data repository
  • Providing evaluation training for coalition members
  • Conducting formal site visits
  • Providing evaluation and research resources

Learn more about Coalition Evaluation Services by participating in a one-on-one informational call with CADCA’s Evaluation and Research experts. For more information, fill out the Interest Form, and with any questions, email

Read more about satisfied past customers!

“We learned about CES through CADCA’s emails as we were in the process of looking for a local evaluator in New York state. When we saw that CADCA was taking on new coalitions for CES, we figured why not, since CADCA really knows about the DFC grant and all the data we were looking to gather to fulfill our grant requirements.”

Kyli Anderson, DFC Coordinator, Chenango Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Chenango County, New York

“CES came to me at a really good time. I had just completed week three of CADCA’s National Coalition Academy (NCA), and had learned a lot about  data collection and improving our coalition’s products, but my entire coalition didn’t have that opportunity. Through CES, Dr. Albert Terillion, CADCA’s Deputy Director, Evaluation & Research, was able to sit with us in a full coalition meeting and talk to us about problem analysis and how we’re going to use key informant interviews, focus groups and parent surveys. It married what I learned in the NCA to our work and reminded our coalition that CADCA really is there for us, that they care about our work and want us to succeed.”

Cara Carlisle, DFC Grant Coalition Manager, Dubois County Cares Coalition of Dubois County, Indiana