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2023 Blue Ribbon Application
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CADCA’s Blue Ribbon Application process recognizes coalitions that achieve measurable success in community-level substance misuse related outcomes by implementing a comprehensive and feasible plan guided by local data. Applicants begin a rigorous two-phase application process requiring them to clearly communicate their story and contribution to community-level outcomes. Based on the substance misuse-related outcomes achieved, they can win the prestigious Blue Ribbon Awards in one of the following categories:  

Coalition in Focus: Short-term Outcomes
Coalition of Excellence: Intermediate Outcomes
Coalition of the Year: Long-term Outcomes

Coalitions that advance as finalists are recognized as **Blue Ribbon Coalitions**. The CADCA Blue Ribbon Coalitions are able to take what they’ve learned at the National Coalition Academy and apply it to their coalition’s work. They are recognized for doing an exceptional job updating and utilizing their coalition products in order to set themselves up for community success. In addition, they have been recognized by members of the U.S. House of Representatives and by the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. 

Becoming a Blue Ribbon Coalition can become a platform to obtain local and national recognition, used in other grant applications, and to pursue other funding agreements. A great demonstration of using the Blue Ribbon Coalition name is Beech Grove Comprehensive Drug Free Coalition. They brought in the Mayor of Beech Grove and General Price from CADCA to celebrate the Blue Ribbon Coalition recognition and showcase the community partners involved in their coalition’s success! 

**Blue Ribbon Coalition is a two-year recognition. Once two years have passed, coalitions can re-earn their recognition status through the Blue Ribbon Application process. Coalitions who re-apply before the two years are expired and achieve Blue Ribbon Coalition will have their two-year status restarted. 

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