Customized Trainings & Services

We focus on teaching what skills to know, processes to follow and products to produce, to establish and maintain a highly effective and long-lasting substance misuse prevention coalitions in their community.

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Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all coalition members and prevention professionals. Coalition members and prevention professionals who attend training sessions provide organizations with benefits that make the cost and time a worthwhile investment.

CADCA Customized Trainings & Services training works with states, regional representatives and coalitions to provide customized training to address their learning needs. We seek to teach skills relevant to those working in the substance use and misuse prevention field at any level. CADCA prides itself in providing trainings taught by experts in the field to ensure the utmost quality in knowledge transfer.

Key Benefits of Training:

  • Improve coalition performance
  • Improve coalition member satisfaction and morale
  • Strengthen areas that may have previously been considered a weakness
  • Promote sustainability
  • Increase productivity and fidelity to prevention processes
  • Increase innovation in new strategies and products
  • Enhance organization’s reputation and profile

CADCA provides a variety of customized training (half-days to multiple days), keynote addresses, training event workshops and on-site coalition/development technical assistance opportunities. We are able to tailor training to meet any learning needs for beginners, intermediate and advanced-level professionals or coalition members. We work with you to design your perfect training event!

Standard Training Topics:

Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) – Core Essentials for Coalitions

The SPF Core Essentials training focuses on enhancing participant skills required to build strong coalitions and implement the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), including community assessment, logic models, comprehensive strategies, coalition evaluation and coalition capacity building. Participants will learn and gain skills critical for coalitions to plan, implement and evaluate their coalition’s community-change efforts to reduce substance misuse.

Community Assessment

The Community Assessment training addresses collecting and analyzing local data, with an emphasis on monitoring the extent of substance misuse in a community.

Coalition Evaluation

The Coalition Evaluation training explains how to use logic models and community data, with an emphasis on evaluating short and long-term outcomes at the community level. This course also covers selecting and working with professional evaluators.


The Sustainability training focuses on how to develop and carry out a sustainability plan that ensures a lasting impact of a coalition’s initiatives, activities, programs and policies, long after current leaders move on.

Cultural Competence for Coalitions

The Cultural Competence for Coalitions training provides coalitions with an understanding of how to work with diverse populations and the impact of cultural competence on the five principles of SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (assessment, capacity, planning, implementation and evaluation).

Advocating for Policy and Systems Change

The Advocating for Policy and Systems Change training describes how legislation and policy affect changes at the community level. Examples of grassroots and media advocacy campaigns are provided to exemplify integration of multiple advocacy outlets.

Community Mobilizing and Organizing for Coalitions

The Community Mobilizing and Organizing for Coalitions training provides step-by-step information for mobilizing neighborhoods and communicating with diverse audiences, gives information about the importance of researching issues and implementing specific strategies and describes how to recruit allies and create community-based campaigns. Participants obtain the tools and knowledge to gain support from a wide variety of community partners.

Prevention 101

The Prevention 101 training places special emphasis on understanding the role of coalitions in using evidence-based practices, programs and policies to achieve community-level change and provides an in-depth understanding of the history and research of substance misuse prevention.

Addressing the Pills to Heroin Epidemic from a Prevention Perspective

The Addressing the Pills to Heroin Epidemic from a Prevention Perspective training teaches coalitions how they can play a role in addressing this critical health epidemic and what strategies you can use to make the most impact in your community.

Other topics include but are not limited to:

  • Organizational Management
  • Strategic Implementation
  • Communications Plans
  • Youth Engagement
  • Working with Special Populations

CADCA is committed to meeting your unique training objectives. Customized training topics can be developed beyond the standard topics listed above. 

For more details or to organize a training, contact:
Doug Rice, Senior Manager, Training and Sales Operations | 1-800-54-CADCA ext 243