2023 Annual Survey of Coalitions

Download the 2022 Annual Survey of Coalitions Fact Sheet

The 2023 Annual Survey of Coalitions

CADCA’s Annual Survey of Coalitions (known as the “Annual Survey”) is a leading source of information on community-level substance misuse prevention. The survey provides insights into coalition processes, strategies and activities aimed to reduce substance misuse in efforts to improve population health. We welcome all community substance misuse prevention coalitions to participate—you do not have to be a CADCA member to contribute!

Your participation helps us:

  • Determine coalition training and technical assistance needs
  • Prepare relevant briefs and webinars
  • Identify successful coalition strategies for prevention that can be shared across the country
  • Conduct capacity assessments for participation in projects
  • Inform community-level prevention research

Most importantly, as the voice of coalitions in our nation’s capital, CADCA continues to use the data in advocacy efforts to support prevention legislation, increase funding, and to keep coalition work prominently in the view of Congress and the White House.

The preferred person to fill out the survey is a coalition member who is most familiar with the day-to-day work of the coalition. This includes the coalition project coordinator, director, Executive Director, or CEO or Chair of the Coalition.

If your coalition has participated in the past – THANK YOU for your commitment and we would like to count on your continued engagement. As a new coalition completing the survey, please take this opportunity share your work through the Annual Survey of Coalitions.

To receive your coalition’s unique survey link, email survey@cadca.org.