2024 Annual Survey of Coalitions

Download the 2023 Annual Survey of Coalitions Fact Sheet

The 2024 Annual Survey of Coalitions

CADCA’s 2024 Annual Survey of Coalition is the leading resource for community level substance use in the country. It informs training, technical assistance, fosters national partnerships, and supports broad community-based prevention research.

Your engagement fuels several key initiatives:

  • Assessing coalition training and technical assistance needs
  • Crafting relevant briefs and webinars
  • Identifying and disseminating successful prevention strategies across the country
  • Assess capacity for engaging in upcoming projects
  • Guide community-level prevention research

CADCA utilizes this data in advocacy efforts and to drive change our nation’s capital.

  • Influence prevention legislation
  • Secure increased funding
  • Ensure coalition work remains at the forefront of Congress and the White House

Ready to get started?

Have one person familiar with day-to-day activities complete the survey. It takes under an hour, and you can return to your saved information at any time. We’ve also simplified the process with prepopulated demographics – start making a difference now! 

To receive your coalition’s personalized survey link, please reach out via email to Survey@cadca.org. 

Please check your spam/junk folder for the survey email if you don’t see it in your inbox. Thank you in advance for completing the survey!