April 1, 2014

What Do We Know About Marijuana?

This course looks into what we know about marijuana. We’ll explore the latest research about the harms of this hot topic of a drug. We’ll consider how it impacts users and society, and look at the issue of marijuana as medicine. What’s the rational public health approach for community coalitions to take? 

This course includes activities in which you respond to community member’s questions and concerns, using the research you’ll learn about in this course. The final section of the course looks specifically at how coalitions can include local conditions around marijuana use and consequences in their logic models, and implement environmental, population-changing strategies.

For those users who complete the module and knowledge assessment, a certificate of completion will be generated.

To access the course, go to and click Log In/Register in the upper right-hand corner. After logging into your account, click Available Courses on the horizontal toolbar. Select this course in the listing of courses to enroll.

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