January 28, 2016

Re-Branded BuzzBallz Flavored Alcoholic Beverages Target Youth

Alcohol Justice reported this week that an updated version of the alcopop Buzzballz is once again targeting youth. Buzzballz, with its bright colors and candy-like flavors packs a punch. The beverage has a 60-proof, or 30 percent alcohol by volume. That’s an additional 10-15 percent more alcohol than the original product that debuted several years ago.

The product is sold in a 750ml container of pre-mixed cocktails and a shot glass attached to the bottle.

The original flavored, colored, spirits-in-a-ball was created by a former high school teacher, who got the idea for a beverage that would be non-breakable and safe while sitting by the pool. According to the creator, Buzzballz is all meant to be fun, and not meant to be a harmful beverage.

Health advocates say the product is anything but harmless, and, in fact, appeals to youth. Flavors include Lemon Squeeze, Chocolate Caramel Cake, Red Hot Cinnamon Shot, Jalapeño Lime and Licorice Bomb.

To learn more about the dangers of alcopops and other flavored alcoholic beverages, see Alcohol Justice’s recent report.

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