March 3, 2016

Idaho Says ‘No’ to Marijuana for November Ballot

As marijuana legalization gains momentum across the country, more states are looking to let either lawmakers or voters decide on the drug on the 2016 ballot. At least 10 new states are expected to consider whether to legalize marijuana for some degree of use, but Idaho won’t be one of them.

A petition to legalize medical marijuana and decriminalize possessing up to three ounces of marijuana in Idaho for the November ballot has been withdrawn.

“The Idaho Office of Drug Policy is pleased that the initiative seeking to decriminalize three ounces of marijuana and legalize medical marijuana in Idaho has been withdrawn. We know marijuana use adversely affects the health and developing brains of children and adolescents and legalization increases access to this harmful drug, so today is a wonderful day for the health and safety of Idaho’s children,” said Elisha Figueroa, Administrator of the Idaho Office of Drug Policy.

You can read the original ballot initiative here.

There are 23 states and the District of Columbia that have some form of legal marijuana use.

Recently, CADCA named Idaho’s Office of Drug Policy its 2016 Outstanding State Member because of its significant contributions to community-based drug prevention coalitions in their state and has helped support CADCA’s mission of creating safe, healthy and drug-free communities.


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