January 29, 2020

Gateway Film: A Story of How Surgery and Opioids Transformed the Lives of Three Families

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Virtual Screening Toolkit NOW AVAILABLE!

During these unprecedented times, holding an in-person screening might not be possible.  This is why our partners at Choices Matter have developed a Virtual Screening Toolkit that guides you and your coalition in organizing a community screening to be safely viewed from homes/offices. This toolkit includes step-by-step instructions for setting up Zoom and Facebook Live events, along with tips for presenters when going live.   There is also a Event Success Sheet to allow you to gather and report feedback from any planned events. 

In October 2019, Choices Matter released GATEWAY, a film about three families inadvertently impacted by opioid addiction that began with a prescription to manage pain after surgery. The documentary provides an intimate look into the struggles that can be caused by legal opioid prescriptions when the dangers of these medications are not properly understood.

CADCA is proud to support Choices Matter on the distribution of this documentary and has partnered on a national Public Service Announcement (PSA) that is being distributed to broadcast stations across the country. The PSA will help drive audiences to the film and encourage consumers to learn more about non-opioid options to manage pain after surgery. Through our partnership, we have a unique opportunity to incorporate this special film into our local coalition events in 2020 as we reinforce our mission to prevent substance use and misuse before it starts.

To help make this as easy as possible, we have created this GATEWAY screening resource kit that includes tips, tools and materials to be used by our community coalitions to help organize and host local screening events. Specifically, this guide includes a quick reference table of contents, examples of materials, and links to digital downloads of materials, which can be found below.

We are excited to provide the GATEWAY film and this resource guide to you as we believe this film can help elevate engagement for your local market events in 2020. Conversation is a linchpin for change. We hope this film will drive a dialogue in your community about the non-opioid options available to manage pain after surgery and empower them to be advocates for their own health.  

Should you have any questions or need additional support implementing a local event or using these materials, please send a request to communications@cadca.org.


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