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Youth Leadership

CADCA’s Mid-Year Youth Leadership Track will include two training courses, our Key Essentials Course and our Leveling Up Communities Courses. CADCA’s Youth Leadership Training Courses develop critical thinking skills in youth and equip them with necessary tools to help coalitions achieve community-level change. Our training empowers young people to take youth-led civic action in their communities. There are NO requirements in order to attend either our Key Essentials training or our Leveling Up Communities Training. Please register here.


  • We must have a Parent Consent Form (printable PDF) for every youth attending by June 26th 2022.  

  • Show Us What You(th) Got at Mid-Year’s Talent Show! Submit your interest in being part of the show!  

  • Check out the schedule of events and start planning your week!







What are the age requirements?  

The Youth Leadership Courses are designed for ages 13–18-year-old; however, email us if you have an exception at 

Are adults required to participate with the youth in youth leadership courses?  

Yes. Teams should have at least one adult advisor to guide their youth throughout the process. This is not a chaperone role, but instead a coach/mentor from the coalition who will support the implementation of strategies developed upon returning to the coalition.  If a youth does not have an adult advisor and would like to participate in our youth leadership training courses please email us, 

What is the attire?  

The attire is casual during training sessions. Nothing too tight, loose, short or revealing.  

What to bring?  

A pen/pencil, a desire to make a difference in your community. If your coalition has this, you may want to bring your community data (for ex: youth survey data).  

What is the schedule?

You can find the full schedule for the event here!

How do I participate in the Youth Talent Show?

Find out more information here!


The Key Essentials Course equips participants with the foundational tools needed to take the first steps in solving their communities’ problems around drugs, underage drinking, prescription drugs and other social ills using the Strategic Prevention Framework.   

The Leveling Up Communities Course offers new insight into the work we do within our communities, to ensure that it impacts all community members, especially those who need it most. Health equity is becoming an integral concept within substance misuse prevention efforts, and this track will address how we can facilitate change in our communities through this perspective.    


  • Become more engaged Youth Leaders  

  • Learn and apply the Strategic Prevention Framework process  

  • Learn and apply components of a Community Assessment  

  • Conduct a Problem Analysis  

  • Learn the 7 Behavioral Change Strategies for a Comprehensive Intervention  

  • Develop an Action Plan for next steps for a “Youth- In-Action” Project  



  • Gain an understanding and be able to effectively communicate key concepts relating to health equity in coalition work  

  • Ability to create and deliver plans to embed equity in coalition work  

  • Create a Recruitment Plan, with a focus on equitable and sustainable recruitment  

  • Create and present and Advocacy Plan   

  • Create an Action Plan to create equitable, community-level change  


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