May 28, 2015

Work on Extinguishing E-Cigarette and Vaping at CADCA’s Mid-Year Training Institute

Has your coalition had enough of vaping, hookah bars, and e-cigarettes being marketed to your community? Learn how your coalition can help prevent history from repeating itself at “Back to the Future: The Vape Shop, Hookah and E-Cigarette Challenge,” a course at CADCA’s Mid-Year Training Institute.

CADCA’s Alicia D. Smith and Colleen Hopkins will take participants on a tour through history as they examine Big Tobacco’s historical marketing trends and how they are deploying them again with a new generation of products. Most importantly, CADCA’s tobacco program experts will give coalitions strategies that promote partnerships among existing and new stakeholders to broaden community buy-in for prevention and regulation of these products.

“Know the facts,” Hopkins said. “Just because cigarette use among youth has declined it doesn’t mean youth’s use of tobacco products has. In 2013, 22.9 percent of youth were using tobacco products, and in 2014 that rose to 24.6 percent. The use of novel tobacco products such as e-cigarettes, hookah and vaping are a real problem in our communities. This course will focus on creating partnerships and strategies to address these problems.”

The course will be from 8:30 a.m. to Noon Aug. 5. It is one of many courses offered at CADCA’s Mid-Year Training Institute, which will be held Aug. 2-6 in Indianapolis, Ind.

Spend the rest of the day with Smith and Hopkins, who will also facilitate a course called “Keeping up with the Carcinogens: A Guide to Ending Coalition-Retailer Silos,” from 1:30-5 p.m. Aug. 5. This course illustrates the need for ongoing data collection and building non-traditional partnerships to monitor the nature and extent of tobacco use in local communities.

CADCA’s Mid-Year Training Institute offers half-day and two-day courses for new, established and veteran drug prevention professionals in eight subject areas. Learn more about the training tracks, key speakers and other details about CADCA’s Mid-Year Training Institute.

Take advantage of the early-bird deadline, which is fast approaching on June 15. Register today.


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