March 10, 2016

Take the 2016 Annual Survey Today

Did you know that 52 percent of coalitions were able make significant reductions to substance abuse problems by implementing key policy and programmatic changes?

CADCA’s 2015 Annual Survey also shows that 54 percent of these changes are made through influencing local conditions that affect these substance abuse problems. Being able to assess these efforts and building on existing strategies becomes paramount towards achieving successful outcomes. Using this data, coalitions can work to build, establish, and enhance their work so that the greatest impact can be made in preventing substance abuse on the community level.

With your participation, coalition strategies can be further examined and improved so as to increase your coalition’s reach. If you haven’t taken the Annual Survey, we encourage you to request your coalition’s personal link today from or call 800-54-CADCA. The survey only takes 30 minutes and it will be well worth your time. Continue making an impact for your coalition and enhance your reach today.

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