June 4, 2015

Learn Strategies to Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse at CADCA’s Mid-Year Training Institute

What’s the best prescription to solve your community’s Rx abuse problem? Register for CADCA’s Mid-Year Training Institute. You can take courses in prescription drug prevention and a host of other substance abuse issues in Indianapolis Aug. 2-6.

“Prescription drug abuse is one of our country’s most pervasive problems,” said CADCA’s Mary Elizabeth Elliott, Vice-President, Communications, Membership, and IT. “It is an epidemic, and we must tackle it by working collaboratively, at all levels.”

Elliott is facilitating CADCA’s Mid-Year courses on this subject, and shares that the faculty this year is the most comprehensive she’s witnessed. “We’ve got fascinating experts from a wide range of perspectives – prevention, research, treatment, law enforcement, and the health care industry,” noted Elliott.

CADCA is bringing back a highly popular session from the National Leadership Forum, “PDMPs Revealed” and going deeper on the topic. This session will train on the ins and outs of this life-saving, electronic database that tracks designated data on substances dispensed statewide will be presented. This tool helps physicians diagnose addiction and therefore refer patients for treatment. So far, 49 states and the District of Columbia have PDMPs. Are you interested in finding out how your state measures up? Attend the course from 8:30 a.m. to Noon Aug. 4.

The course trainers from three different disciplines include John Eadie, Director of PDMP Center of Excellence, Brandeis University; Van Ingram, Director, Kentucky Office of Drug Control, and Molly Rutherford, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Renewed You Clinic and Owner, Bluegrass Family Wellness, PLLC.

On Aug. 5 from 8:30 a.m. to Noon, learn more strategies to address Rx and over-the-counter drug abuse in your community at “Coalition Best Practices for Addressing Prescription Drug Abuse/OTC.” Trainers Lesley Gabel, Co-Executive Director, Hunterdon County Safe Communities Coalition and Catherine Brunson, Trainer/Consultant, CADCA’s National Coalition Institute, will offer some best practices that coalitions are employing to address prescription drug and OTC issues with a focus on problem solving and building capacity with community partners and the healthcare community.

New to the Mid-Year faculty is law enforcement expert, Charlie Cichon, President of National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators. Charlie will bring his considerable law enforcement knowledge to bear as he joins coalition leader Lesley Gabel for a session entitled “Taking Back Take Backs.” This session will provide the current picture of drug diversion in the U.S., discuss the new realities of take back campaigns, and how coalitions and law enforcement can make this work most effectively. 

Starting the week off is a session on “Business and Community: Industry Roles and Responsibilities.” Participants will get an eyewitness account from an emergency room doctor, engage in an interactive dialogue and break-out session featuring secure disposal methods, and learn about the value of PDMPs from the pharmacist’s point of view. The course will include the perspective of co-presenters Danna E. Droz, R.Ph., J.D., PMP Liaison, Nat’l Association of Boards of Pharmacy and Mike Ybarra, M.D., Senior Director, Alliance Development, PhRMA. 

CADCA’s Mid-Year Training Institute offers half-day and two-day courses for new, established and veteran drug prevention professionals in eight subject areas. Learn more about the training tracks, key speakers and other details about CADCA’s Mid-Year Training Institute.

There are scholarships available for law enforcement personnel who are part of a coalition to attend CADCA’s Mid-Year Training Institute. The scholarship will cover a complimentary registration to attend the four-day training event. All applications must be submitted online and are due no later than Noon June 22nd and must be fully completed in order to be considered.

The scholarship does not include any hotel or travel expenses and provides just a complimentary registration. The scholarship recipients will be required to attend the two-day (16 hour) ARIDE program to be held Aug. 4-5, and are welcome to attend any of the other programmed sessions on Aug. 3 and 6. Scholarships will be awarded to law enforcement personnel only who are associated with a coalition. For more information, email ajacobs@cadca.org. Apply for the scholarship here.

What are you waiting for? Your community’s substance abuse problems aren’t going to solve themselves! Take advantage of the early-bird deadline, which is fast approaching on June 15. Register today.


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