Organizing Your Coalition: Community Assessment

December 7, 2023 - December 7, 2023
Wednesday, December 7 | 11 AM EST & 3 PM EST

This is a National Coalition Institute Program.

Building Coalitions For Success “Ask the Experts” is a Monthly Virtual Session. This is a unique opportunity designed for coalitions and substance misuse prevention professionals, with an emphasis on developing coalitions, to engage with experts in the field and to enhance their knowledge on various prevention topics. Each event will focus on a specific prevention topic, during which participants will have the ability to learn from CADCA’s Coalition Development Support experts and other prevention field subject matter experts so that they can deepen their understanding and address any questions that they may have regarding prevention work.

This month’s webinar will focus on the first element of the Strategic Prevention Framework – the community assessment. Learn how to take a close look at your community – what’s going on, what resources are available, and what specific challenges your community might be facing – to build the groundwork for your coalition’s future prevention efforts.

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