Call for Presentations and Ideas Fair Displays


NOW CLOSED Submission Deadline Date: 12 pm (noon) EDT Friday, September 22, 2017

Training Session Notifications E-mailed to Trainers: November 17, 2017


Call for Proposals NOW CLOSED

Coalitions Ideas Fair Display Topics - NOW AVAILABLE

Has your coalition seen changes in community-level outcomes since the implementation of evidence-based environmental strategies? Has your Executive Committee uncovered the secret to effective coalition management and leadership? Did your coalition and its partner organizations conduct an education and advocacy campaign that led to a successful policy or systems change in your community?

If you answered yes to any of these questions – or even if you answered no, but can offer a success story of your own complete with lessons learned and tips for replication in other coalitions – CADCA needs you in PARTNERING FOR PREVENTION a.k.a. CADCA’s 28th National Leadership Forum. As community change agents, we embrace that philosophy in our work to improve the quality of life in our nation’s communities. High performing coalitions are those that have developed broad-based strategic alliances, implemented proven and promising strategies, and achieved population-level change.

Training Sessions

CADCA is requesting training session proposals addressing the latest research findings, cutting-edge program successes, lessons learned or problems solved. Please review the Call for Proposals information online before submitting your proposal: all training sessions will run 75 minutes in length. The Call for Presentations is open to all community anti-drug coalitions; community-based prevention organizations; government agencies with a focus on substance abuse, mental health, criminal justice, public health, public safety, and related disciplines; coalition sector member organizations; and other organizations with an interest in substance use prevention and advocacy.

Training Session Topical Areas 

CADCA is pleased to announce the Call for Presentations for its National Leadership Forum. This 4-day training event aims to bring together close to 3,000 participants representing community coalitions from all regions of the country and internationally, government leaders, youth, prevention specialists, addiction treatment professionals, addiction recovery advocates, researchers, educations, law enforcement professionals, and faith-based leaders to create and maintain safe, healthy and drug-free communities globally.

  • Topical areas should be focused on
    • Evaluation and Research
    • Coalition Leadership
    • Sustainability
    • Marketing and Communications
    • Policy and Advocacy
    • Cross Sector Collaboration
    • What’s Trending 

Some of the most alarming trends in substance abuse are proving to be more than just a passing phase. Training sessions will feature the latest data available on the impact and implications of “medical” and commercialized marijuana. This topic area will also include snapshots of the changing landscapes of drug and alcohol prevalence across the nation. Best practices in tackling drugs on the rise and their associated consequences will also be shared.

Coalition Ideas Fair Displays

What is the Coalition Ideas Fair?

Looking back at all of your coalition successes, what is one outstanding skill/strength that your coalition has, or one strategy or intervention your coalition has implemented that you believe would be useful for other coalitions to apply to their own work? That is precisely the kind of question you will want to consider as you develop your presentation submission for this one-of-a-kind sharing and networking opportunity. The process of putting a presentation together for the Coalition Ideas Fair is unique in that it requires you to not simply share your success, but to dig deeper into the process for that success, and to break it down into bite-sized pieces of step-by-step information for others to take back to their own communities.

Presenter Registration Discounts

The lead presenter for each accepted Call for Presentations will receive a complimentary registration. The second presenter  will receive a discounted speaker rate of $400.  Any additional presenters will pay the full applicable registration rate. 

The lead presenter for each accepted Coalitions Ideas Fair Display will receive a reduced registration rate of $400. All other presenters will be required to register at the full applicable registration rate. 

 The deadline to submit was Friday, September 22, 2017.