Gonzalo Cadima

Deputy Director, Training Operations

Gonzalo Cadima is CADCA’s Deputy Director of Training Operations and oversees the organization’s Customized Training Services and Youth Leadership initiative.

Prior to working at CADCA, Gonzalo served as a coalition director and has over 20 years of experience in the substance misuse prevention field. He oversaw the implementation of a comprehensive prevention action plan in Broward County, Florida, which included Action Teams/Task Forces and Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment for the Broward Youth Coalition. Gonzalo also Co-Chaired at the Institute for Behavioral Health and Wellness, a collaborative with NSU Nova Southeastern University.

He was invited by the OAS Organization of American States to support various Latin American countries to share his coalition experience in early warning systems and epidemiology. He also served a Broward County’s DEN-Drug Epidemiology Network representative for the Florida State Epidemiological Workgroup. Gonzalo has been recognized by The Office of National Drug Control Policy for his Prevention efforts in the state of Florida.

Gonzalo is originally from Bolivia and possesses a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a post graduate certification in Human Resource Management from the University of Miami. He enjoys family, traveling, coffee, food, books and Sundays!