February 4, 2016

CADCA Supports President’s $1 Billion Proposal to Address Heroin Epidemic; CADCA Will Continue Efforts to Bolster Primary Prevention Funding

President Barack Obama’s fiscal 2017 budget will propose spending an additional $1.1 billion to address the opioid and heroin abuse epidemic, the Office of Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) announced Tuesday. This is the largest increase in direct federal funding for treating substance use disorders in decades.

CADCA recognizes the importance of increased funding towards treatment. This funding is desperately needed for lifesaving Medicated Assisted Treatment. However, we are disappointed to see that funds for comprehensive community-based opioid misuse prevention was not included in the proposal. CADCA will work with Congress to bolster funding for this critical component of the demand reduction continuum. 

CADCA, a non-profit organization which represents over 5,000 community coalitions and their affiliates, is a strong advocate for drug abuse prevention. CADCA and our coalitions support a comprehensive approach that includes effective prevention strategies, increased research, expanding options for treatment and strengthening support for all those in recovery.

“Because coalitions are uniquely positioned within their communities, there is no doubt that our members will continue to be a driving force in reducing the opiate crisis, and we will continue to advocate for increased funds for primary prevention,” said CADCA’s Chairman and CEO, Gen. Arthur T. Dean.

ONDCP Director Michael Botticelli, reinforced his commitment to prevention during his address at CADCA’s Forum. He has previously stated that prevention remains the best and most cost effective approach to curbing our nation’s public health crisis of drug dependence and overdose.

“Our best strategy is to stop drug use in the first place,” he told 2,700 advocates gathered at the CADCA’s 26th National Leadership Forum this week in Washington, D.C.

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