November 12, 2015

CADCA Joins DEA’s Comprehensive Strategy to Address Heroin, Opioid Abuse, and Violent Crime

CADCA will play an instrumental role in the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) comprehensive new 360 Strategy to address heroin, opioid abuse, and violent crime.

“CADCA commends the DEA for recognizing education and prevention are key elements to addressing the heroin and opioid abuse epidemic in this country, and we are proud to join the DEA’s comprehensive 360 Strategy. CADCA will bring its expertise in building effective community coalitions and facilitating valuable dialogues to the initiative to empower communities and support demand reduction,” said Gen. Arthur T. Dean, CADCA Chairman and CEO.

According to the DEA, the goals of the new strategy include stopping the deadly cycle of prescription opioid and heroin abuse by eliminating the drug trafficking organizations and gangs fueling violence on the streets and addiction in communities. The strategy will also include partnering with healthcare professionals and engaging and strengthening community and social service organizations that are best positioned to provide long-term help and support for building drug-free communities. 

The 360 strategy launched this week at a press conference in Pittsburgh, Pa., which will be one of four cities around the nation in which the program will be implemented.

DEA Special Agent in Charge for the Philadelphia Division, Gary Tuggle, said at the event, “DEA’s 360 Strategy recognizes that we need to utilize every community resource possible to reach young people and attack the heroin and prescription drug epidemic at multiple levels. This three-sided strategy brings together everyone who has a stake in the successful outcome of this pilot program.  This could be a model for many other communities.”

Other partners who are participating in the 360 strategy include the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Western District of Pennsylvania, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, DEA Educational Foundation, U.S. Department of Justice’s Violence Reduction Network, The Elks Club, U.S. Department of Health & Humans Services’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. 

Coalitions can engage with the DEA Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg and members of his senior staff leading their 360 strategy as part of CADCA’s 2016 National Leadership Forum, Feb. 1-4 in National Harbor, Md.     


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