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Apply Now for the Major General Arthur T. Dean Chairman’s Award 2024!

Application Deadline: November 13, 2023 at Midnight

Email all submissions to

The Major General Arthur T. Dean Chairman’s Award gives CADCA’s President and CEO, General Barrye L. Price the opportunity to recognize an NCA coalition graduate who distinguishes themselves by applying and operationalizing what they learned throughout the academy experience. Past winners of this award have shown outstanding knowledge, understanding, and application of the information taught at the NCA in their coalition’s strategies and efforts.

This award encourages coalitions to reflect on their academy experience and provide examples showcasing their outstanding achievement, by integrating what they have learned into their coalition work. Winners receive one (1) complimentary registration to the 34th National Leadership Forum, and will speak to their coalition work during the NCA graduation, happening on January 30, 2024, during Forum.

This award opens the door to more possibilities at CADCA for your coalition, such as future leadership and coalition development opportunities. Past winners have been involved in special coalition projects, recognized through CADCA’s Coalitions Online newsletter and social media outlets, and received other awards (e.g., Blue Ribbon Coalitions).

What are the Requirements to Apply?

  • Must be participating in the 2023 National Coalition or State Academies
  • Attended all three weeks of the NCA or State trainings
  • Must be in good standing to graduate at the 2024 NCA graduation

Application Criteria

Applications must meet these basic formatting requirements to be reviewed:

  • PowerPoint/Prezi or Video – We encourage you to display your coalition’s creativity!
    • PowerPoint and Prezi presentations must not exceed 15 slides
      • All required content must be covered in a sufficient manner
    • Videos must not exceed 10 minutes
      • Video must be engaging to the audience
  • Photos, logos, videos and other images that add value to your coalition story are welcome
  • Applications will be due no later than Midnight on Monday, November 13, 2023


Application Instructions/Required Content

  1. Description of the Coalition/Community
    • Coalition name
    • City, state
    • Community type (e.g., rural, inner city, etc.)
    • Year coalition was Established
    • Demographics
  2. National Coalition Academy Overview
    • Describe your NCA experience and answer the question, “What does the NCA mean to me?”
    • Include how your NCA experience changed your perspective on coalition work
    • NOTE: Preferable in video format (i.e., embedded into a PowerPoint) however, a slide is also accepted with a PowerPoint submission
  3. National Coalition Academy Products
    • Describe how your coalition has incorporated each of the five products in your coalition work
    • NOTE: All five products MUST be featured for your application to be accepted
  4. Incorporating the Strategic Prevention Framework
    • Select two steps (NOT listed below) of the SPF and describe how your coalition is incorporating them into its coalition efforts based on what you learned in the NCA
      Describe how your coalition is incorporating Sustainability and Cultural Competency into its efforts
  5. Successes, Lessons Learned and Growth
    • How has your coalition shown success since attending the NCA?
    • What lessons did you learn in the NCA that has helped OR will help you change/improve the coalition work/operations?
  6. Next Steps
    • Briefly describe future goals your coalition has set as a result of attending the NCA, along with the steps you will use to achieve them.
    • How will you transfer the knowledge gained in the NCA and incorporate it into your coalition work moving forward?


Winner Testimonials:

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