CADCA Publisher February 23, 2022

Health & Safety Protocols

Well-Being Protocols

color:#263C87″>CADCA is committed to providing a safe, healthy and memorable Mid-Year experience. We continue to closely monitor local, state and federal guidelines related to large gatherings.

color:#263C87″>Layered prevention strategies — like wearing masks, self-screening and limiting yourself from exposure to COVID-19 — can help prevent severe illness and reduce the potential for strain on the healthcare system.

color:#263C87″>CADCA understands that mask wearing is a personal choice. During Mid-Year, attendees are not required to wear masks, but may choose to do so if they prefer.  We ask all attendees to respect the decisions made by their fellow prevention advocates and that we treat one another with deserved kindness and fellowship.

color:#263C87″>PLEASE NOTE:If local, state and/or federal guidelines change, CADCA will update protocols to reflect these changes.

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