CADCA’s Drug-Free Kids Campaign recognizes leaders and corporations who support and educate the community about substance misuse and its impact on young people. CADCA represents more than 5,000 community coalition’s nationwide working together to create a world of safe, healthy and drug-free communities. CADCA leads this vision by providing cutting-edge services in training, communications, youth empowerment, veteran’s programs, public policy and advocacy and the latest scientific research.

The epidemic rise in underage drinking, tobacco use, illicit drugs and the misuse of medicines have a major impact on our nation’s health and economy. “Substance misuse is a complex, multifaceted problem that requires involvement from all sectors of our society—from parents to healthcare and businesses,” states CADCA Chairman and CEO General Arthur T. Dean.

Join parents, youth, health professionals, business leaders, law enforcement and policymakers to protect our young people from these dangers and transform communities into healthier places to live, work and play.

Become part of the solution and help us protect our communities and empower our youth. Funds raised through the Drug-Free Kids Campaign help support CADCA’s efforts to build and strengthen local community coalitions and special programs that transform youth into civic leaders and reduce substance misuse in communities around the country.

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