21 апреля 2016 г.

Help Make your Coalition More Prominent by Completing CADCA’s Annual Survey of Coalitions, Deadline Extended

Attention, community coalitions! If your coalition has not completed CADCA’s 2016 Annual Survey of Coalitions, we have good news. The opportunity to participate has been extended to Friday, May 27й

Each year, an average of 750 community substance abuse prevention coalitions participate in CADCA’s Annual Survey of Coalitions in support of building the science of coalition effectiveness.

First fielded in 2005, CADCA’s Annual Survey is the largest dataset of this kind in existence today with a total of 4,015 surveys having been completed to date.

CADCA uses data from the Annual Survey to advance the substance abuse prevention movement by bringing a national focus to the work of local coalitions, advocate for coalition funding in Congress, and promote community coalitions as vehicles for comprehensive community change.

Coalitions like the Drug Free Punta Gorda in Florida are making that community change. To their executive director, Chrissie Salazar, it’s easy to make such an impact with seemingly everyone in their small community wanting to help reduce substance use.

In year one of their Drug-Free Communities grant, the coalition has been working hard to address topics from community input such as marijuana and teen alcohol use, smoking and e-cigarettes as well as prescription drug abuse. They are concerned about their state’s upcoming ballot measure to legalize medicinal marijuana.

The coalition also installed a few permanent drop boxes in the community for unused prescription drugs and have held educational events for senior citizens about locking up their medications.

When she grocery shops, she can leverage her community to try to remove the e-cigarette paraphernalia that peppers the check-out line, which is next on her list.

“Our board always says they have our back, so building those relationships is key and communicating with those people is critical,” she said. “It’s a matter of valuing people and recognizing their gifts they offer.”

Part of that community collaboration is sharing and learning from other effective coalitions around the country. Salazar recently completed CADCA’s Annual Survey of Coalitions. That prevention science helps inform her work.

“I am very thirsty to learn what other coalitions are doing,” she said. “I want to copy it.”

The sharing is the essence of coalitions. And because Salazar completed her survey in time, her coalition was randomly chosen to be featured in this publication. Your coalition has until May 27th to complete your survey and you also have a chance to tell your coalition’s story in one of CADCA’s publications.

For more information about the 2016 Annual Survey of Coalitions, please visit . CADCA’s Annual Survey is completed by individuals representing substance abuse prevention coalitions. The survey can only be accessed using a personalized link generated to your coalition. To request your personalized link or ask any questions about the Annual Survey, please contact Survey@cadca.org or 1-800-54-CADCA, Ext. 241.

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