September 17, 2020

Research Into Action Webinar: Practical Theorist 12: Cannabis, The Current State of Affairs

CADCA presented the latest installment of its Research Into Action webinar series on Wednesday, October 7, 2020 from 2-3 pm EDT featuring Sue Thau, CADCA consultant, and Karolina Deuth, Evaluation and Research Manager. Together, they discussed CADCA’s publication, “Practical Theorist 12: Cannabis, The Current State of Affairs,” released in July 2020.

Ms. Thau and Ms. Deuth discussed the latest cannabis research as presented in the latest Practical Theorist. The publication highlights research regarding how cannabis is used, the science behind its effects on the body, youth cannabis use and the landscape of legalization and community prevention efforts. Ms. Thau and Ms. Deuth will also discussed how coalitions can advocate for local policies that counteract state-level marijuana legalization.

Additional Resources:
Our government partners provide important information on cannabis on their websites:

“What do I need to know about marijuana?”: Check out this podcast series by National Families in Action

About Research Into Action:
CADCA’s Evaluation and Research team invites you to join our bi-monthly webinar series Conversations: Putting Research into Action—the bridge between scholarly research and day-to-day coalition efforts. Throughout the year, we moderate live conversations with substance misuse prevention experts and participating coalition members. This is your opportunity to learn about the latest research and its implications for coalition work and ask pertinent questions of experts in their fields. Access the full Research Into Action playlist.

Please contact with any questions regarding this webinar series.

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