February 21, 2018

The CADCA Community is Here!

The CADCA Community is live! 

Networking and educational opportunities that we provide via our trainings and events throughout the year are vital to the sustainability of our coalitions.  To build on that value, CADCA is excited to enter into a new phase of member communications by providing CADCA members an environment to connect, engage and share critical information and best practices in real time. 

The CADCA Community is a members-only forum designed specifically to provide unique networking opportunities, share resources and learn from one another.

All CADCA members will automatically be enrolled in the CADCA Community. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Know your login credentials to cadca.org. Your login will always be your email. Only you know your password. Don’t worry if you forgot it, click the forgot password button or call 703-706-0560 x261 and we can reset it for you.
  2. Update your organization’s roster – Everyone on your organization’s roster receives access to the CADCA Community. Add all your staff, your board members and volunteers so everyone can access the CADCA Community. Follow these easy steps.
    1. Log-in to cadca.org
    2. Select “My Account”.
    3. At the bottom of the page, select “Organizations You Manage”.
    4. Select your organization.
    5. Update Your organization’s roster as needed.
  3. Get your questions ready! Write down what questions you need answered to create better, drug-free and healthy communities. A few questions that members already want to ask include:
    • Any suggestions on how to get churches more involved in our coalition?
    • Has anyone create a successful “vaping” prevention program?
    • What are some bully resources I can share and incorporate with youth?
    Post your question and get an answer on the new CADCA Community.

Need Help? Just contact Amy Pica, CADCA Membership Manager, at 703-706-5060 x228.

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