June 11, 2015

Several Scholarships Still Available to CADCA’s Mid-Year Training for Law Enforcement

CADCA still has several scholarships available for members of your coalition’s law enforcement sector to attend CADCA’s Mid-Year Training Institute Aug. 2-6 in Indianapolis.

The scholarship will cover a complimentary registration to attend the four-day training event.

CADCA’s Mid-Year Training Institute offers half-day and two-day courses for new, established and veteran drug prevention professionals in eight subject areas.

All law enforcement scholarship applications must be submitted online and are due no later than Noon June 22nd and must be fully completed in order to be considered.

The scholarship does not include any hotel or travel expenses and provides just a complimentary registration.

The scholarship recipients will be required to attend the two-day (16 hour) ARIDE program to be held Aug. 4-5, and are welcome to attend any of the other programmed sessions on Aug. 3 and 6. Learn more about the training tracks, key speakers and other details about CADCA’s Mid-Year Training Institute.

Apply for the scholarship here.

For more information, email Allison Jacobs, CADCA’s Evaluation and Research Manager, at ajacobs@cadca.org.

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