May 13, 2019

Research Into Action Webinar: Accuracy of Medical Marijuana Claims Made by Popular Websites

Thursday, June 13, 2019 – Morgan L. Sperry, Pharm.D., and Katelyn D. Boatwright, Pharm.D., discussed their article entitled “Accuracy of Medical Marijuana Claims Made by Popular Websites”, which was published in 2018 in Journal of Pharmacy Practice. This article presents their findings regarding the reliability of medical marijuana claims on the internet. The authors analyzed 30 claims regarding medical marijuana published on the top 10 websites most commonly used for obtaining information about medical marijuana and found that 76% of claims made by websites were inaccurate and based on low-quality evidence. Dr. Sperry and Dr. Boatwright also discussed how substance misuse coalitions can evaluate medical marijuana claims made on popular websites by determining the quality of the website and the level of evidence presented in the study that served as the source of the claim.

Additional Resources:

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  4. FDA’s Guide to Browsing Websites:
  5. NIH MedlinePlus:
  6. Other FDA resources (just searching ‘marijuana’ on this websites gives you many different resources to review):

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