May 12, 2016

Register for CADCA’s Next Impaired Driving Reduction Webinar

Register now for CADCA’s webinar “Understanding the Support of Enforcement and How It Reduces Impaired Driving in Your Community.”

The webinar will be 1:30-3 p.m. EST May 24.

The discussion will feature topical expertise from Dr. James Fell regarding law enforcement countermeasures which reduce impaired driving fatalities and partnership strategies for coalitions.

Dr. Fell will present police enforcement data and compare the efficacy of current and traditional practices as a countermeasure for impaired driving reduction. Coalitions will understand which enforcement strategies are key when gauging the reduction of impaired driving within their communities and understanding how to achieve successful outcomes for a safer community.

The discussion will also include first-hand experience from law enforcement professionals regarding implementation of successful strategies to reduce impaired driving.

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CADCA’s prevent impaired driving toolkit


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