February 25, 2016

Newspapers in Education Supplement on Preventing Tobacco Use Available to Publish in Your Community

CADCA and the Geographic Health Equity Alliance have developed an educational supplement aimed at teaching young people and parents about the harms and effects of tobacco use. The supplement, which is intended to be used in the classroom, explains the science around the effects of tobacco use and its link to cancer and other chronic diseases and conditions.

The Road to Wellness: Driving Tobacco and Cancer off the Map was created through the Newspapers in Education program and was published in The Washington Times newspaper.

This supplement can be published in any newspaper in America and is an ideal teaching tool to spark a conversation on tobacco use. CADCA recommends that coalitions work with their local newspaper to get this supplement published to coincide with Kick Butts Day, observed on March 16th.

For more information on Kick Butts Day, visit their website. And don’t forget to register your coalition’s event on their website.

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