February 18, 2016

Get Behind the Wheel of CADCA’s Next Webinar on Drugged Driving

CADCA invites you to register for our next webinar, “Drugged Driving Data and How to Use it at the Community Level,” from 1-2:30 p.m. EST March 1.

The discussion will feature topical expertise from Laura Liddicoat, and Dr. Dereece D. Smither regarding fatal crashes and the information gathered from current reporting efforts. The presentation will define impairment related to drugged driving, and showcase evaluation strategies that have been developed to reduce impaired driving. 

Laura Liddicoat will present data on drug-impaired driving, including case examples from her experience as a forensic toxicologist in Wisconsin. Differences between alcohol and other drugs, including THC, also will be discussed in relation to drug effects and “per se” versus “zero tolerance” statutes in your community.

Dr. Dereece Smither will discuss the National Highway Traffic Highway Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) research as it relates to drugged driving. As well, Dr. Smithers will focus on investigating crash risk associated with drug use. The conversation also will highlight how the quantity and quality of drugged driving data can be increased to increase implementation at the community level.

Register here.


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