January 15, 2015

First of CADCA’s January Webinars for New DFC Grantees

CADCA’s National Coalition Institute is set to host the first of four webinars this month. These webinars are open to all coalitions, but are particularly relevant to newly-funded Drug-Free Communities Year 1, Year 6 and mentee grantees.

The webinar “Now That We Have Paid Staff, Who is Responsible for What? Coalition Roles and Responsibilities” will be from 2-3:30 p.m. EST Jan. 22.

Many coalitions invest DFC grant dollars in hiring paid staff for the first time. This change in the way the coalition operates can leave both the volunteer members and the paid staff confused about their role. This webinar will explore the roles and responsibilities of the paid staff and the volunteer and offer the participants and opportunity to more clearly define these roles within their coalition.

Heidi Bainbridge, a trainer with CADCA’s National Coalition Institute and a DFC grantee, will present the webinar.

For more information about this webinar or other webinars in the series, contact Kristy Miller, Deputy Director, Innovation and Outreach at CADCA’s National Coalition Institute, at 800-54-CADCA, Ext. 271 or kmiller@cadca.org.

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