February 25, 2016

FDA Announces a Public Docket Seeking Data, Information, and Comments on Water Pipes and Water Pipe Tobacco

This week, the Food and Drug Administration published a Federal Register notice opening a public docket to gather scientific information on water pipes and water pipe tobacco, commonly referred to as hookah tobacco. 

The FDA is seeking data, information, and comments about the current state of the science, including product use and design, smoke constituents, environmental impacts, and the impact of marketing these products on population health, including on both users and non-users. The docket will be open through April 29.

The FDA is also holding a workshop March 17 and 18 to help the agency identify areas of research that may inform the FDA’s proposed regulation of water pipes and water pipe tobacco. Anyone interested in attending or watching the live webcast must register online or in writing to secure space for attendance. Onsite registration may be allowed if space is available. This workshop also includes a public comment session – persons wishing to present during this session must make a request at the time of registration and should identify the topic they plan to address.

For more information, including how to provide a comment or get involved, read the full notice online.


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