July 9, 2015

Dr. Bucshon, Rep. Womack Introduce Bill to Combat Drug Addiction

Congressman and medical doctor Larry Bucshon (R-Ind.) and Congressman Steve Womack (R-Ark.) this week introduced H.R. 2872, the Opioid Addiction Treatment Modernization Act, a bill to help combat the opioid abuse epidemic and ensure patients have access to appropriate treatments. 

“As a country, we are facing a growing, deadly opioid addiction epidemic that is tearing apart our communities,” Bucshon said in a news release. “As a physician, I’ve seen the power of addiction first hand and I understand that to effectively combat this complex problem, we need a comprehensive approach that focuses on patient needs. To accomplish that, we must work together to apply science and innovation to modernize the outdated and inadequate treatment system so that every patient – and every community – has a chance at turning the page on this devastating epidemic.” 

“Opioid abuse and opioid-related deaths are unfortunately on the rise, and our antiquated addiction treatment system has prevented us from slowing the epidemic,” Womack said in a news release. “A patient’s treatment for opioid abuse should not be dependent on the facility he or she happens to walk into, and I am proud to join Congressman Bucshon in the fight to bring much needed reforms to the segregated opioid addiction treatment system and help ensure that opioid-dependent patients are provided with individualized, evidence-based care.”

With the introduction of the bill, a working group will be initiated to bring together key players from the addiction community to refine the legislation.

The full text of H.R. 2872 can be found here.


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