May 5, 2016

Coalitions in Action: Idaho Office of Drug Policy Named 2016 Outstanding State Member by CADCA

CADCA has named Idaho’s Office of Drug Policy (ODP) its 2016 Outstanding State Member.

This prestigious award recognizes an outstanding state program that has made significant contributions to community-based drug prevention coalitions in their state and has helped support CADCA’s mission of creating safe, healthy and drug-free communities. ODP accepted their award during CADCA’s 26th annual National Leadership Forum.

“We are honored to receive this award on behalf of the State of Idaho and recognize all of the passionate, dedicated Idahoans striving to keep their communities free from the devastating effects of substance abuse,” said Elisha Figueroa, Administrator of the Office of Drug Policy. “As coalitions learn and embrace prevention science, mobilize stakeholders and implement strategic plans to combat drug use, Idaho’s communities will be safer and healthier.”

Idaho’s approach and execution of supporting coalitions and their development has changed significantly within the last few years under the direction of ODP.  The Office strongly believes that the success of the “boots on the ground” prevention workforce, the coalitions, is imperative to the reduction of substance abuse in Idaho. With this in mind, ODP has worked to bolster the prevention workforce development in the state by offering grant funding and intensive training to community coalitions and prevention providers throughout the state.

ODP recognizes that execution is critical to success, and without a carefully planned approach, strategic goals cannot be achieved. ODP has worked hard to enhance the strengths the diverse coalitions bring to the table to make them powerful agents of change.

“We are very fortunate to have partners like the Idaho Office of Drug Policy who understand the importance of community-based drug prevention and support the efforts of local community anti-drug coalitions in their state,” said CADCA Chairman and CEO, Gen. Arthur Dean. “Together, we can help create safer and healthier communities for our young people.”

Idaho’s numerous coalitions have touted major reductions in substance use during the past few years, said Sharlene Johnson, SPF-SIG Grant Project Director, Idaho Office of Drug Policy.

She said the state’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System and her state’s transportation department have conducted surveys providing evidence of significant outcomes, most notably the past 30-day alcohol use among 9th-12th grade students was reduced from 38.7 percent in 2011 to 34.9 percent in 2013. Other reductions occurred in regards to past 30-day alcohol use among adults, binge drinking among youth, alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes, prescription drug abuse, youth cigarette smoking, and marijuana use.

Figueroa and Johnson accepted the award onstage with colleague Marianne King.


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