May 26, 2016

CADCA Launches New Member-Get-A-Member Campaign

CADCA is revving up our membership engagement by launching a Member-Get-A-Member campaign next week. CADCA aims to reach high as we further our efforts to make our communities safe, healthy, and drug free. And as we continue to lead the way in substance abuse prevention, we know that expanding our coalition reach must remain a top priority.

Our campaign is designed to broaden the coalition field with the help of CADCA’s most valued asset – you! We are calling upon our esteemed coalition members to become involved in the vital process of recruiting new prospective change agents. We know that our coalition members have a key familiarity and understanding of their communities, and it is with your specialized knowledge that CADCA can successfully garner new membership. Therefore, we are asking that our current members participate in the campaign by referring those who might be interested in joining our premier organization. As a thank you for your support, CADCA also has several prizes available.

We’re gearing up for our campaign to be a success, and know that with your help, CADCA can continue to remain on the cutting edge of the prevention movement as we broaden our influence and strengthen our coalition capacity. And we can’t do this without you! Our members are the very foundation of CADCA and all that we do to ensure our communities are safe, healthy, and drug free. Together, we can make membership recruitment an integrated and exciting endeavor as we continue to pioneer the substance-free movement. 

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