CADCA Publisher October 1, 2015

Pilot Project Launched to Ensure Safe & Effective Prescription Drug Disposal

CADCA and Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals launched a pilot project in Florida’s Hillsborough, Collier, and Seminole counties on September 26 to ensure the safe and effective disposal of prescription medications. This pilot project is the next step in the overall strategy to prevent prescription drug misuse in Florida.

The kick-off event took place at CVS Pharmacy locations where participants were given a home disposal pouch to render their prescription drugs ineffective for misuse.

CADCA will begin working with local coalitions on a multi-year pilot grounded in research. Local coalitions will work to identify best practices in safe use, storage and disposal of medications, and determine if these best practices can be replicated in other communities.  From this study, we will learn if an individual’s behavior regarding safe use, storage and disposal is more influenced by messaging regarding their own, or family safety; safeguarding the community; or protecting the environment.

“Our coalitions serve to find solutions for their community’s problems by serving as the local expert on prescription drug abuse. This pilot project provides us with an opportunity to expand on what we have built and amplify the dialogue surrounding disposal of prescriptions medications,” said Mary Elizabeth Elliott, Vice President, Communications, Memberships & IT at CADCA. “We are providing 40,000 Floridians a new tool to keep our community safe by practicing home disposal.”

Each site will receive high-touch and high-tech training and technical assistance from CADCA in a Community of Practice model where a comprehensive, evidence-based strategic framework will guide their efforts, and in part to disseminate 40,000 home medication inactivation disposal pouches. The coalition will distribute pouches and engage the community to understand the best strategies moving forward.

“Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to providing safe and effective medications and is equally committed to working with policymakers, law enforcement and industry to address the complex issues of opioid addiction and abuse,” said Kevin Webb, Director of Advocacy Relations of Mallinckrodt. “CADCA and Mallinckrodt share a commitment to expand awareness about the dangers involved with prescription medicine misuse and abuse, and to advance solutions to this growing challenge. We are excited to support a project to provide Floridians with an easy-to-use home disposal alternative to encourage and support the appropriate use and safe disposal of pain and other medications.”

The pouches, manufactured by Verde Technologies, use a patented technology to chemically neutralize prescription drugs and make them safe for disposal.  In addition, the biodegradable material is environmentally friendly.

This pilot project is provides an additional tool for Floridians in the overall strategy to prevent prescription drug misuse in Florida.

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