CADCA Publisher February 20, 2018

CADCA Launches Online Community to Facilitate Networking and Resource Sharing in the Prevention Field

CADCA (Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America) launches the CADCA Community, an online forum for CADCA members to participate in substance abuse prevention discussion threads, resources, and an opportunity to engage with CADCA all year long. The goal is to create a dynamic social network of prevention professionals, sharing experiences and information to reduce drug use in communities across the country.

“Our members develop creative strategies and tactics, create appealing materials and ask important questions,” said General Arthur T. Dean, Chairman & CEO, CADCA. “By housing everything in one, easy-to-access location, our members can get the most benefit to create safe, healthy and drug-free communities globally.”

The CADCA Community launches February 20th and all current CADCA members are automatically enrolled in the system. Questions submitted at the CADCA booth during the 2018 National Leadership Forum will be inputted into the discussion forum, open for any participant to engage and interact. The resource library will house content, such as public policy and advocacy materials. Members will also be able to search for other CADCA members and send a message. The CADCA Community will help members communicate more dynamically and will prove to be a valuable resource for members.

“Our initial theme is 30 resources in 30 days. The hope is to provide a forum for members to access resources, pose questions, share ideas and collectively develop a learning community to promote solutions for prevention champions,” said Amy Pica, Membership Manager, CADCA. “People will be able to engage and network beyond training events to optimize prevention best practices.”

CADCA members will be able to access the Community through the recently updated Member Center or For more information on the CADCA Community, please call Amy Pica, Membership Manager, 703-706-0560, ext. 228. 

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