CADCA Publisher March 28, 2024

CADCA’s Active Participation at the 67th CND: Advancing Community-Based Prevention on the Global Stage

In a resolute commitment to combating substance misuse and fostering community well-being on a global scale, CADCA proudly announces its recent participation in the 67th Annual United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND), which took place from March 14th to 22nd, 2024, in Vienna, Austria. The CND serves as the principal policymaking body within the United Nations on drug-related matters and convenes annually to address global challenges pertaining to drug control, trafficking, and substance misuse. By participating in this forum, CADCA contributed to the formulation of strategies to tackle substance use issues on a global scale, advocating for primary prevention and community-centered approaches.

Throughout the event, CADCA played a key role by co-hosting informative side events, delving into critical topics such as exploring the unintended consequences of hemp legalization, sharing best practices and lessons learned in community-based prevention, discussing effective strategies for addressing drug demand, and exploring creative methods for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to support community building towards prevention.

Moreover, CADCA was privileged to be invited to participate in the High-Level Segment, which focused on evaluating the implementation of international drug policy commitments from 2019 to 2023 and outlined the path forward for the next five years. This prestigious inclusion highlighted CADCA’s standing as a thought leader in the field.

CADCA’s main objectives at the CND included advocating for effective drug policies, sharing best practices in community-based prevention, and fostering collaboration with international partners. CADCA met with top officials from Argentina, Togo, the Philippines, Kenya, Indonesia, Italy and more, to drive home CADCA’s message that the most effective approach to substance use prevention is through empowering and educating communities to form and sustain prevention coalitions.

During the conference, CADCA also participated in several bilateral meetings, demonstrating its commitment to global collaboration. One such meeting was with Roberto Moro, Secretary of Comprehensive Policies on Drugs of Argentina (SEDRONAR), where CADCA shared its model for community-based prevention strategies. Another notable meeting was with Lt-Colonel Amayi B. Kossi, Permanent Secretary of the National Commission Against Drug (CNAD) from Togo, where CADCA expressed gratitude for support in developing community coalitions and discussed plans for a national community coalition forum.

In conclusion, CADCA’s active participation at the 67th CND signified its unwavering commitment to advancing community-based prevention efforts worldwide. By collaborating with international partners, advocating for effective policies, and sharing best practices, CADCA continues to be at the forefront of creating safer, healthier, and more resilient communities around the globe.

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