CADCA Publisher March 11, 2022

Safe Storage and Safe Disposal Educational Videos


CADCA has partnered with the AmerisouceBergen Foundation to create a series of videos on Safe StorageSafe Disposal and Best Practices in Communities for Safe Storage and Disposal in both English and Spanish! These videos provide an engaging, storytelling-based lesson on safe storage and disposal strategies that individuals and families can implement in their communities.

Video 1: Safe Storage Tips and Strategies

Video 2: Safe Disposal Tips and Strategies 

Video 3: Safe Storage and Disposal Best Practices

Video 1: Consejos y estrategias para almacenar los medicamentos de forma segura



Video 2: Consejos y estrategias para desechar los medicamentos de forma segura


Video 3: Consejos y mejores prácticas para almacenar y desechar medicamentos de forma segura





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