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Drug-Free Communities (DFC) Resources

Congrats on being a Drug-Free Community (DFC) recipient. As a DFC partner, CADCA has a myriad of resources to ensure your coalition’s success in creating a healthy, drug-free community. It is hard work to change your community. Please make sure you take advantage of all our resources. Below are CADCA Resources and Services that you can quickly take advantage of as a DFC recipient. Please make sure to explore CADCA’s entire website to learn about all of our services, trainings, and products. 


Coalition Development Support 

This is a free service to support you through the life of your coalition. Signing up now ensures that you succeed in key areas including:

  • Program/Initiative sustainability   
  • Advocacy and policy development   
  • Cultural competency   
  • Leadership development   
  • Coalition and partnership development   
  • Goal and outcome development and assessment   

  This support is not only free but also customized through 1:1 discussions with CADCA consultants. Book your first consultation today. 


National Coalition Academy (Required for Year 1 DFCs) – Registration Opening November 15!

This is a required training for all Year 1 DFCs that teaches the essential processes and the core competencies to establish a highly effective coalition. Learn more about the NCAs!


Membership (Highly Recommended)  

Membership gives you deep discounts on trainings and access to the CADCA Community – the online networking Forum that connects you daily to the prevention field and gives you access to a library with 600+ resources. Join today. 


National Leadership Forum (Highly Recommended) 

A world-class training event that brings together substance use and misuse prevention leaders and advocates. Heald at National Harbor, MD from January 30 – February 2, 2023. Register here. 


Annual Survey 

CADCA’s Annual Survey of Coalitions is a leading source of information on community-level work in substance misuse prevention. Your participation is essential as we use the data in advocacy efforts as well as a way to focus on key training topics. Learn more here.


CADCA Webinars 

An extensive list of recorded webinars on topics such as partnering with the recovery community, sector collaboration, and youth as agents of change. View here.

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