CADCA Publisher July 10, 2017

CADCA’s 2016 Annual Report is Available for Download!

CADCA 2016 Annual Report

Dear Friends,

Through the tireless efforts of community leaders, you will see how CADCA’s effective prevention model has reduced substance use and misuse in communities across the country and around the world. Since the creation of CADCA almost 25 years ago, our organization has remained committed to encouraging, growing, training and assisting community coalitions. With our resources, we provide education and structure while local coalitions hone in on effective strategies for their communities. It takes leaders from all sectors – community, federal, state, law enforcement, medical and more – to make an impactful change in our culture. In this Annual Report, you will learn about the impact your accomplishments have contributed to the field. For example, without your support, we would not have been able to realize a record-breaking Capitol Hill Day event, exceeding previous number of attendees and Congressional appointments! We would not have been able to expand our federal partnerships to cultivate projects and prevention efforts in the fields of prescription drug use and misuse, underage drinking, marijuana and tobacco use, and more. We would not have been able to provide coalition building and prevention training in 19 countries across four continents to more than 1,500 people. We would not have been able to do a deep dive into the health disparities through the Geographic Health Equity Alliance, exploring tobacco and cancer education gaps across the country. On behalf of our coalitions, our staff, and Board of Directors, thank you for believing in CADCA’s mission to build safe, healthy, and drug-free communities globally. We could not do this crucial work without your support.


Gen. Arthur T. Dean CADCA’s Chairman and CEO

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