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Trainer: Pre-Recording Your Session

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How to Schedule Your Pre-Recording

Scheduling your pre-recording is convenient and easy. Using the links below, and based on the duration of your training session, Calendly will show all available dates and times that BAV Services can meet with you to record.

  • You will need to know your Session ID to schedule your session. Your ID was sent in the email containing your session date and time.
  • Only one recording appointment should be scheduled. Please be sure to coordinate with any co-presenters to ensure the date and time of your recording session works for all.
  • To make changes to your appointment, refer to the meeting confirmation email for a link to edit your appointment.

For Monday’s 90-minute sessions, use this link to schedule.

For Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s 150-minute sessions, use this link to schedule.


Pre-Recording with BAV

Once you’ve scheduled your recording time and join BAV Services via a zoom link provided by BAV at the indicated date and time, their techs will guide you through what to expect.  

Editing: Please note, that like presenting in-person or on the day-of, we’re all human. Editing will be kept to a minimum.

BAV Services’ techs are also there answer any questions and provide tips for a flawless presentation. Feel free to ask about best practices and suggestions.



Within each training sessions window, there is a button for “Materials.” This is where CADCA will link any items that you provide for attendees to download. Most often, attendees ask for PowerPoint slides and any worksheets that you may reference during your presentation. 

Any PowerPoint slides you provide are reviewed and turned into password protected PDFs. They will be available on the platform, on the event app and on the Training Session Grid, which will be posted on the Mid-Year site soon.

Instructions for submitting these handouts will be emailed the week of June 7 and posted on the Speaker Resource Page.  

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