CADCA Editor enero 31, 2018

Prevention Advocates Head to the Hill

All National Leadership Forum attendees are encouraged to come to Capitol Hill Day on February 7, 2018, to join us on this impactful day of advocacy! During Capitol Hill Day, attendees have the chance to attend appointments with legislative staff, Congressional Members/Senators, and sometimes both.

These meetings are a critical part of advocacy! You are truly the expert, with knowledge about what is happening at the local level. You can help your elected officials do their jobs more effectively by informing them of the issues you see at home, the critical role your coalition plays in the community, and the programs needed to fund your work. On February 7el, you can share your local outcomes/successes and ensure substance use prevention is in the spotlight!  In addition, fact sheets will be provided to you during the National Leadership Forum. But remember to bring your local outcomes/successes with you. A template can be found aquí.

By coming together as a unified voice, Capitol Hill Day attendees have the opportunity to directly speak with their Members/Senators and their legislative staff. Even if your elected official is not in the room, the legislative staff are responsible for shaping their boss’s policy agenda. Therefore, every single meeting is critical! One person in one meeting can really make a huge difference. The impact of thousands of attendees advocating on the Hill is monumental!  

On Capitol Hill Day, thousands of you will be influencing policy at the federal level. While it may seem intimidating if you have never attended such a meeting, remember that you are the experts. You are the constituents they represent in D.C. We need your help to encourage them to support critically important legislation and substance abuse prevention funding that will address substance use/misuse. Capitol Hill Day is an incredible opportunity for you to make a lasting impact on the field and the people you serve.

To request an appointment (if you haven’t or your state leader has not), simply fill out this form and the Public Policy Team will work to set up your appointment. Appointments are set up with your organization’s Representative(s) and Senators based on the zip code of your coalition. The goal for all attendees is to have at least three meetings to attend: one with your representative and one with each of your state’s senators.

Learn more information about Capitol Hill Day and listen to the Capitol Hill Day webinar to gather information about how to prepare for your meeting.


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