CADCA Publisher February 28, 2017

My CADCA Experience

My experience with CADCA has been amazing. I have been to Mid-Year once and Forum twice. Both have been incredible experiences. CADCA has changed me and the person I am. Before going to CADCA, I was this shy person who didn’t ever want to talk, who didn’t necessarily want to sit through things like this, but after going to my first CADCA training in 2016, I changed and I wanted to learn more. I wanted to get up and speak about my ideas, give my opinions, tell everyone what I know. CADCA changed me and I’m glad it did, because I love going to trainings on topics like alcohol and drug awareness and prevention. I want to see a change in my community and CADCA gives me the knowledge to learn how to do this.

While at the CADCA events, I have learned about ways to reach out in our communities and make people informed about what situations are going on. I learned about ways to talk to representatives and senators and how to take charge and make a difference in our world. I really liked the idea of being able to go talk to our senators and inform them on all the things we are trying to do back in our communities. I also liked asking them questions about what their views are on situations. I also enjoyed that you get to meet people from different states and see what types of situations are going on in their states and communities and the different things that they are doing to help make a change.

I think CADCA events are beneficial because you learn so much, but they make it fun while you are learning. All the presenters at CADCA events are amazing; they are so informative and give out a bunch of resources to take back with you. They teach you things that you might have never known but also bring in fresh ideas. CADCA allows you to be you. It’s probably the best training I have ever been to, which is the reason I keep going back and I would love to keep going back. It’s all so interesting and fun. I think everyone should have a chance to go to a CADCA training because of how informative it is, and how much fun you have while learning new things.

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