CADCA Publisher July 8, 2021

Introducing CADCA’s New Chief of Staff, Valentino Murphy

Last month, Valentino Murphy joined CADCA in a newly added role as Chief of Staff. He brings with him extensive experience and operational skills with an HR touch.

Previously, Valentino worked for 14 years in retail operation before transitioning his career into Human Resources, where he amassed an additional 18 years of experience across industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace, oil and gas and more.

As Chief of Staff, Valentino looks forward to working closely with President and CEO, General Price, on shaping the strategic direction of the organization. “I like to look at an organization and help the departments maximize their people to achieve the goals they have and streamline anything that gets in their way from doing that.” 

“My job primarily is to help General Price work on the strategic vision of the organization, so he can look up and outward. My job is to manage down and below. I hope to be able to communicate the vision and strategy that General Price has conceived to the executive team on down and help them achieve that strategy.”

“There are two big things that make me passionate about this work. One, is that this job will add value to the organization. I will be able to take on the responsibility of managing the divisions, so that General Price can focus on the bigger picture. The other part that drives me is that I get some value out of it myself. It’s a new challenge tackling one of the nation’s most important health issues and an important mission, and I am happy to have some part in it.”

Although Valentino does not come from a background in substance misuse prevention, he enthusiastically supports the valuable work that CADCA and its coalitions do every day. “You don’t have to live but a couple of decades – maybe even only one decade – in your life to realize the importance of substance use and misuse prevention. Odds are, you know someone either personally or tangentially that has been affected by substance misuse, so I feel it is important work and I look forward to learning more about prevention efforts.”

As a final note, Valentino was asked what some of his favorite pieces of advice were. His initial response was, “Everything can’t be urgent, and everything can’t be important. You need to manage what that is. If someone tells you everything is urgent and important, then nothing is.”

He later added, “I also think a lot of people worry about always being right, but sometimes that can stall your effort. I think there can be a lot of learning that comes with failure.”

You can contact Valentino Murphy by email at

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