CADCA Publisher July 19, 2017

CADCA Welcomes International Participants to the 2017 Mid-Year in Atlanta, Georgia

Since 2009, CADCA has been welcoming people from various countries from all over the world at the Mid-Year Training Institute.  This year, CADCA is expecting to receive more than 60 individuals from 19 different countries throughout Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and Southeast Asia.  The international attendees who make the journey to CADCA’s Mid-Year typically consist of CADCA’s NGO partners, representatives of community coalition networks, coalition leaders, local, regional and national government officials, as well as U.S. Embassy representatives.    

For this year’s Mid-Year in Atlanta, CADCA has put together a comprehensive program for our international guests. The program, which includes workshops, networking sessions, and country presentations, will allow the international participants plenty of opportunities for in-depth exchanges of experiences in developing community coalitions in diverse countries and cultural settings. The attendees will also have an opportunity to take advantage of all the amazing training tracks that the Mid-Year has to offer.

Because more than half of this year’s participants come from Spanish-speaking countries within Latin America, CADCA will be offering a series of Spanish language workshops on topics central to coalition development. Spanish speakers will also have access to simultaneous interpretation during the opening plenary and other recommended training sessions.

We look forward to welcoming our international attendees to the 2017 Mid-Year training in Atlanta.  Our goal is that international attendees will have the opportunity to take advantage of the amazing training tracks, share information on best practices and lessons learned from each country as well as to establish new contacts, reconnect with old friends, and obtain a renewed sense of energy for substance use prevention work.

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