Chief Strategy Officer

Pat Castillo

Pat Castillo is the Chief Strategy Officer at CADCA.  With twenty years in the substance abuse prevention field, she has worked in a mature coalition In South Florida and an emerging coalition in Washington State.  Through it all, CADCA has played a significant role in her ongoing prevention training and leadership development.  She has participated in numerous National Forums, Mid-Year Forums, and completed the three-week National Training Academy.   In 2011, Pat was selected as one of 20 substance abuse prevention leaders from the country to participate in the inaugural “School for Prevention Leadership”, a 9-month training program in Washington, DC.  As a result of her group’s work, Pat and another member of the group were invited to present at CADCA’s Mid-Year in Nashville, Tennessee in 2012 showcasing the group’s work and products developed through the 9- month project on the topic of “Healthcare Reform for Community Coalitions”.

Pat hails originally from Canada and moved to the U.S. with her husband, Rene, in 1997.  Her son, Bryce, born in Florida, is a coalition kid – being brought up going to Youth Institutes, volunteering at events and participating in a Youth Coalition just outside of Seattle.  Pat received her Executive Masters in Public Administration from the Daniel J Evans School of Public Policy, University of Washington in Seattle in 2015.  Pat is a passionate learner so is always on the look- out for the latest great read (but mysteries are her favorite).  She enjoys spending quality time with her family exploring new restaurants, new cities, working out and since receiving her Zumba certification, is looking forward to teaching classes again.

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