Coalition Advisory Committee Member

Jamie Ross

Jamie Ross wears many hats.  She is Executive Director of the PACT Coalition, coordinator for the Nevada Statewide Coalition Partnership and sits on too many boards and committees.

Jamie Ross has been the Executive Director of the PACT Coalition since 2011. She has been involved with substance misuse prevention from a young age and took that passion into a career creating system wide change to reduce substance misuse.

The PACT Coalition is a substance misuse prevention coalition in Las Vegas with diverse funding focusing on the spectrum of prevention including mental health, primary and tertiary substance misuse prevention, and the intersection of prevention into all aspects of community building.

Jamie believes in the power of community to change itself for the better. When a community comes together to solve its own problems, the result is transformative. As Sam Quinones says, ‘the solution to the opioid crisis isn’t naloxone, it’s community.’

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