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Тренер: чего ожидать во время презентации

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What to Expect When Presenting on the Platform




CADCA STRONGLY urges all trainers log in to the platform before Monday, July 12. The platform will be available to presenters on Thursday, July 1. Instructions will be emailed in late June with step-by-step directions on:

  • Authenticating your username and password: To ensure you have no problem accessing the platform
  • Finding and accessing the Mid-Year platform: This will be a different site than the authentication URL
  • Ensuring you see all presenter controls for your session: Your session window should differ from what an attendee will see
    • View the Presenter View Walkthrough Video 


On the day and time of your session, all presenters should be logged into the platform and engaging with attendees via the chat box located in each virtual training session room. If your pre-recorded content is how your session will start, BAV Services will roll this content at the start time of your session. If your recorded content is meant for a different time, you should ensure your camera and microphone are on and that you are ready to begin your session. 

All sessions will begin recording at their scheduled times for them to be available to attendees for on-demand viewing.

NOTE: The chat box is public to all in the training session room and will be functional during the playback of prerecorded content. Submissions made through the “Submit a Question” box are only able to be viewed by presenters.

Mid-Session Breaks

For 150-minute training sessions, which will occur on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during Mid-Year, CADCA recommends presenters provide 30 minutes of break time in their session. We can all empathize that two and a half hours is a long time to learn, and while we do not require a certain break time in your presentation schedule, we suggest allowing at least one break. Whether that’s a few 10-minute breaks or two 15-minute breaks, attendees will appreciate the thoughtfulness. Adding a slide that mentions breaks within your PowerPoint deck or mentioning it during your pre-record may help with this transition. It will also allow presenters the ability to catch up on questions or comments in the chat box. Another recommendation is to invite attendees to visit the “Wellness” page on the platform.

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