CADCA’s International Department will host an array of sessions in multiple languages for coalitions and members to connect globally. These international participants are part of a global community coalition network trained by CADCA and comprised of national and local coalition coordinators, volunteer coalition members and government officials working closely to support coalitions. Local and national government officials ranging from mayors to representatives from national drug control agencies, as well as U.S. Embassy representatives, are among the many participants. Through this event, attendees can share experiences, best practices and lessons learned to become better and more effective at addressing substance use and misuse globally.

CADCA has put together a comprehensive program for the international guests. The program, which includes virtual trainings, networking sessions and country presentations, allows attendees plenty of opportunities for in-depth exchanges of experiences in developing community coalitions in diverse countries and cultural settings. The event will offer interpretation in Spanish, Russian and French for the Opening Plenary and International Welcoming Session. Various training sessions will be available in English, Spanish, Russian, French and Portuguese.

International sessions will be structured as trainings and networking sessions for members where CADCA has been working regionally to establish community coalitions. The sessions are targeted towards specific regions that align with the language. We offer Spanish for Spanish speaking countries in Latin America, Portuguese for Brazil and specifically for coalitions from Cape Verde, French and English for African countries and Russian for central Asian countries.

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